Cascadero Copper is in a transition period while it changes its business model from exploration geology to more of a development focus. The Company has offices in North Vancouver, BC and Salta City in the Province of Salta, Republic of Argentina. The Company's business model was "Property Generator" but the Company has enough property and the focus is now on selecting the most advanced prospect in Argentina to continue working on. The Company expects to be in position to raise enough funding to start work in Argentina in March 2017. As everyone is aware, Argentina, the country and its people, are under stress due to a myriad of economic and exchange control policies and the ongoing saga of resolving the debt default issues that date back to 2001. The Company believes that these issues do not compromise the mining assets that Cascadero controls and that the country will return to a politically more stable state in the coming months.

In British Columbia, Cascadero sold its  49% interest in the Toodoggone Project, which consists of a contiguous ~32,000 hectare claim block that adjoins Aurico's Kemess properties in north central BC to Amarc Resources Ltd. in June 2017. The area has excellent infrastructure including a high-tension power line, all-weather air strip, and a 26,000 tonne per day mining and milling complex that is on care and maintenance. The Toodoggone Project is prospective for copper-gold bulk mineable porphyry deposits. Cascadero holds 1,944,444 shares Amarc Resouorces Ltd.

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