The board of directors of Cascadero Copper Corporation (the "Company") appointed Ms. Sharon Lewis to the position of Chief Financial Officer of the Company replacing Mr. Michael Denega who served as the Company's CFO in an interim capacity since Nov 28th 2008. Mr. Denega will continue as a director of Cascadero Copper.

Ms. Lewis was retained on December 1st 2008 to assist Mr. Denega in preparing the Company's MDAs and quarterly financial statements for board, management and audit review. In such capacity, Ms. Lewis is familiar with the Company's financial and business affairs.

The Company also announces the appointment of Mr. John G. Haag, C.A., as Chair of Cascadero's Audit Committee replacing Mr. Michael Denega. Mr. Haag was elected as a director of the Company 2004 and was appointed as a member of the Company's audit committee in 2008. He has not served in any capacity other than as a director of the Company.

Bill McWilliam
Chief Executive Officer
Cascadero Copper Corp
Email: bill@cascadero.com

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