Cascadero Copper's 50% owned subsidiary Salta Exploraciones SA (Salta) received assays on its recently completed six (6) core hole drill program consisting of 1,664.7 metres on the Las Burras copper-moly-gold porphyry prospect in Salta province in north western Argentina.



Hole ID Interval
(m) Interval
(m) Interval
(m) Copper
(%) Moly
(%) Gold
LB11-01 4 300 296 0.18 0.006 0.042

LB11-02 3 301 298 0.09 0.004 0.026
Inc 141 301 160 0.13 0.006 0.034

LB11-03 36 292 256 0.23 0.019 0.060
Inc 48 160 112 0.42 0.020 0.097

LB11-04 45 212 167 0.03 0.009 0.011
Inc 45 120 75 0.08 0.003 0.032

Las Burras Drill Core

Disseminated chalcopyrite and molybdenum mineralization.

Core holes LB11-01, -02, -03 and -04 are positioned to provide a north-to-south geological and assay cross section of the subsurface below coincident chargeability and geochemical anomalies. LB11-02 is the furthest drill hole north and LB11-04 the furthest south. These drill holes are about 800 metres apart with LB11-01 and LB11-03 between them on the same section. All drill holes, except LB11-04, reached target depth and all drill holes ended in copper-moly-gold mineralized intrusive rocks.

LB11-05 is a step out approximately 535 metres east of LB11-02 positioned to test an alteration zone peripheral to the main porphyry body. It returned anomalous values of copper, moly and gold. LB11-06 is a step out approximately 1,535 metres west of LB11-05 to test a sub-parallel set of outcropping quartz-tourmaline-sulphide veins, which are peripheral to the main porphyry body. LB11-06 and returned anomalous values of zinc, copper with minor gold and moly.

The Company is preparing one 10-metre 1/4-core samples from each of LB11-01, -02 and -03 for mineralogy identification and metallurgical testing in Vancouver BC. The Las Burras geochemistry appears relatively benign with low-values of arsenic, mercury, iron, sulphur and other potential impurities that could cause smelter deductions. The metallurgy is a preliminary and inexpensive step that yields valuable information for future planning.

The chargeability anomaly is ~2,250 metres east west and 1,500 metres north south at its widest point. Its estimated surface area is approximately 2,525,000m2 or ~252 hectares. Given the presence of significant copper-moly-gold mineralization in the first three drill holes in the chargeability anomaly, management believes Las Burras has potential to host a large tonnage Cu-Mo-Au mineralized porphyry system.

Las Buras is one of the five showings that comprise the Pancho Arias Mineral District that is 100% controlled by Salta. The Company intends to conduct reconnaissance style drilling on all five showings in the next six months. Consecutively, they are Las Burras - Cu-Mo-Au porphyry; Las Cuevas - sediment hosted gold; Santa Rosa - sediment hosted gold; Incahuasi - Cu-Mo-Au porphyry; and. Pancho Arias - Cu-Mo-Au porphyry. The total program planned is for 7,500 metres of core drilling. When all results are compiled decisions regarding future exploration priorities are possible.

Las Burras drill core samples are prepared by ACME Labs, Chile and flown to ACME Labs Vancouver BC for assay. Drill supervision, core management, sample preparation and core logging for LB11-01 to LB11-04 were performed and supervised by John Camier, B.Sc., M.Sc., P.Geo, who is the Qualified Person for the Company's Argentine Las Burras drill program. Mr. Camier has reviewed and approved this news release.

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