Cascadero Copper's 50% owned subsidiary Salta Exploraciones SA (Salta) completed a six (6) core hole drill program consisting of 1,664.7 metres on the Las Burras copper-moly-gold porphyry prospect in Salta province north western Argentina.

Hole ID East Pos 94North Pos 94Elevation (M)EOH (M)Azimuth DipTarget
LB11-01351303673093423,668301.0202o-60oCu-Au-Mo Porphyry
LB11-02351312673098113,686301.0202o-60oCu-Au-Mo Porphyry
LB11-03351305773095263,647292.6202o-60oCu-Au-Mo Porphyry
LB11-04351286773090493,800262.1202o-60oCu-Au-Mo Porphyry
LB11-05351366173097023,695300.0190o-60oCu-Au-Mo Porphyry
LB11-06351212373094853,708210.0210o-45oGold - Qtz - Tourmaline -Sulphide veins
Totals 1,664.7

Core holes LB11-01, -02, -03 and -04 are positioned to test a cross section from north to south of the identified coincident geophysical and geochemical anomaly. The collars are approximately 200 metres apart.

LB11-05 is positioned to test a surface gold bearing alteration occurrence peripheral to the main porphyry body. It is about 535 metres east of LB11-02.

LB11-06 is positioned to test a sub-parallel set of gold bearing quartz-tourmaline-sulphide veins that outcrop to the west, also peripheral to the porphyry body. LB11-06 is about 1,535 metres west of LB11-05. Assays are pending.

The host rock is primarily monzodiorite to granodiorite within an argillic altered envelope and a core of phyllic alteration overprinted by sericite alteration. Alteration also includes silica with a mix of chlorite, hematite, jarosite and limonite in a stock work and system of cross cutting veins. Visible mineralization includes pyrite, chalcopyrite, molybdenite and a few secondary copper oxide minerals. The propylitic alteration was only identified to the north west of the main porphyry body.

The Las Burras intrusion and related hydrothermal activity is part of the Diego de Almagro magmatic complex (middle Miocene), which represents the easterly expression of Andean magmatic activity. This magmatic centre is controlled by the regional Calama-Olacapato-El Toro lineament (COT). The Diego de Almagro magmatic complex also includes to the north of Las Burras a well know porphyry body called Pancho Arias and Incahuasi that is likely the southern extension of the Las Burras porphyry. Salta has completed IP/Res/Mag geophysical surveys on Pancho Arias and Incahuasi and large-scale high-chargeability and high-resistivity anomalies are present on both properties. Pancho Arias and Incahuasi are part of the Salta property portfolio and these porphyries are scheduled for core drilling in the next few months.

The exploration history of the area started with Jesuit silver discoveries. Historic workings and evidence of small mines (ruins) surround Pancho Arias and Las Burras porphyry bodies, and the silver bearing veins are peripheral to and mark the underlying mineralized intrusions.

The Fabricaciones Militares, the former Argentine government mining and exploration department, focused on this area during the 1970s, completing a drill program only on the Pancho Arias porphyry. In late 1990s Mansfield Minerals conducted mapping, sampling, trenching and a small IP/Res/Mag geophysical survey that defined the Las Burras intrusion. A drill program was recommended but was not initiated and the property was abandoned in 2002. In 2004, Salta acquired, by staking, a 100% interest in Las Burras and Incahuasi showings.

Drill supervision, core management, sample preparation and core logging were performed and supervised by John Camier, B.Sc., M.Sc., P.Geo, who is the Qualified Person for the Company's Argentine Las Burras drill program. Mr. Camier has reviewed and approved this news release.

Bill McWilliam
Chief Executive Officer
Cascadero Copper Corp
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Cascadero is an integrated prospecting and mineral exploration business with offices in North Vancouver, BC, Sudbury, Ontario and Salta City in the province of Salta, Argentina. The Company generates, acquires and explores mineral properties in these three areas. The Company has several copper-gold porphyry prospects in the Toodoggone region of British Columbia, volcanic and intrusive hosted gold properties in the Sudbury, Swayze and Timmins camps of Ontario and holds a 50% interest in a 46 property portfolio in north western Argentina. Exploration is currently active in Ontario and Argentina and exploration will commence in June, 2011 in BC.

Cascadero's commodity focus is gold, silver and copper hosted in large-scale mineral systems. In 2011 and 2012, Cascadero plans to drill test a total of four copper-gold porphyry systems. In addition, Salta intends to drill four large-scale sediment hosted gold and silver-rich polymetalic systems and two sediment hosted gold-silver showings.

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