Salta Exploraciones S.A. (Salta), Cascadero's 50% owned Argentine subsidiary, has commenced a six (6) core hole program at the Pancho Arias Cu-Mo-Au porphyry prospect in Salta province, north western Argentina. The program is operated by Salta and designed and supervised by Raul Chocobar, Vice-President of Exploration and a director of Salta. Mobilization of camp, drill, equipment and crews occurred over the past two weeks.

The sample area was subject to a ground based IP/Res/Mag geophysical program that consisted of 219 km of magnetic readings and eleven lines of IP data at 400-metre line spacing totaling 53 line kms. The survey data outlined the presence of a large hydrothermal system with a prominent chargeability anomaly.

In late 2011, Salta completed a property-scale rock out crop sampling program. The assays from this sampling program appear to conform to and identify mineral zoning characteristic of porphyry Cu-Mo-Au deposits. The molybdenum (moly) assays are distributed throughout the area but the elevated samples are concentrated in the north east part of the outcrop in an area approximately 800 metres east west by 1,000 metres north south. Of the 294 rock samples, 72 moly samples are >100 ppm and 10 are >500 ppm moly (up to 1,900 ppm Mo). The majority of the copper assays (163 of 294) are >100 ppm and up to >10,000 ppm (>1% Cu), are located in a circular zone that wraps around the moly zone to the west and south.

Gold values, >10 ppb gold, are present in 108 of the 294 samples and occur throughout the sample area but the higher-grades flank the copper zone and proximal to it especially on the western and southern area of the property. Nine samples are >1,000 ppb gold (one gram gold per tonne) with the highest assay at 4.1 g/t gold.

The drill program is designed to test this large zone and is expected to take a total of 75 days.

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Cascadero Copper is an integrated prospecting and mineral exploration business with offices in North Vancouver, BC, Canada, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada and Salta City in the province of Salta, Republic of Argentina. The Company generates, acquires and explores mineral properties and it active in the three jurisdictions.

In north central British Columbia, the Company has a 100% interest in a 31,000 hectare property in the Toodoggone region, which is prospective for copper gold porphyry systems. This property is subject to a C$20 million Joint Venture with Gold Fields.

In Ontario, the Company holds or has the right to acquire a 100% in 17 properties in the Sudbury, Swayze and Timmins camps, which are volcanic and sediment hosted copper gold prospects.

In north western Argentina, the Company holds a 50% interest in a 46 property portfolio, which consists mainly of bulk mineable copper-moly-gold porphyries and bulk mineable sediment hosted silver-gold plus base and rare metals.

In 2009, the Company discovered Taron, a large bulk mineable sediment hosted epithermal rare metal deposit in Argentina. In 2011, Cascadero discovered Las Burras, a new Argentine Cu-Mo-Au porphyry.

The Company holds a large claim block that adjoins Lumina Copper's Taca Tac Bajo Cu-Mo-Au deposit. Several copper and gold showings exist on these claims and an exploration program is in the planning stage.

Cascadero's commodity focus is gold, silver, moly, copper and base and rare metal hosted in large-scale bulk mineable mineral systems.

In 2012 to 2013, Cascadero intends to conduct exploration in three core areas: Pancho Arias Cu-Mo-Au porphyry District, the Taca Taca porphyry District and the bulk mineable sediment hosted silver prospects in the El Oculto District. Exploration is also planned for Taron, an exciting large-scale sediment hosted rare metal discovery.

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