The Company (the “Issuer”) and two of its officers and directors, Judith Harder and Bill McWilliam (the “Lenders”) have agreed to enter into a Loan Agreement (the “Agreement”) whereby the Lenders will advance up to C$300,000 in readily available funds to the Company. The Loan is not convertible into Shares of the Company, no Loan bonus or finder fee is payable to a third party. The Loan has a minimum term of one (1) year and can be repaid by the Company at any time after the one year period.

The Company has agreed to issue as a Loan Bonus Share Purchase Warrants that enables each of the Lenders to purchase 1,875,000 shares in the Company at $0.08 per share exercisable over a term of Five (5) years as provided for by Policy 5.1 section 2.2 (b). The Loan is not guaranteed by the Company or any other third party. The Company is obligated to pay Loan Interest to the Lenders a rate of C$1,500 per month, which is equivalent to a simple interest rate of 6.00 % per annum. The Loan Agreement is effective October 3rd 2017.

Bill McWilliam

Cascadero Copper Corporation
Email = bill@cascadero.com
O = 604.924.5504
C = 604.999.0391

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