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The first program will consist of an HQ core hole program that will test the potential of the mineralized material adjacent to the eleven (11) best drill holes of the recently completed 2017 program. It is planned to complete four one-hundred metre vertical core holes around each higher-grade hole. A drill hole will be collared at 100 metres to the north, east, south and west around the eleven highest-grade 2017 drill holes for a total of 3,300 ? 4,000 metres. This is expected to augment the volume of Cesium mineralization present and provide the metrics to increase the Taron target deposit grade, size and develop a potential mineral resource.

The second program is a property-scale exploration program that will include detailed mapping, trenching, mineralogy, reconnaissance style drilling, and metallurgy to test for mineral leach kinetics.

Another objective is to determine the location(s) of the boundary fault zone and its related splays in the eastern part of the Taron property. This is based on the assumption that Taron mineralization may be associated with major crustal structures that define the eastern boundary of the Puna with the eastern boundary ranges of the Andes. The fault zone separating the basement strata represents a continental northerly trending suture zone that separates the rock assemblages of the ancient continent of Gondwanaland to the east from more exotic terranes to the west.

Company management believes this area may be the location and conduit for Taron style mineralization. This suture zone was likely established during a major orogenic event. This continental scale collision zone spans much of the south-central Andes, an event that occurred some 455 million years ago. This is very exciting for Cascadero to hold an interest in a small portion of a continental orogenic event that are known to create the geological setting for a variety of large-scale mineral deposits.

 MAP TWO on the following page illustrates and identifies the Punco Zone that is 4,800 metres (4.8 kms) to the south east of the Taron Main and North Zones. The Punco zone was subject to prospecting and samples were taken from a backhoe pit. The host rocks are similar and the grade of the samples is similar to samples from Taron North and Main Zones. In 2010, the Company completed an MMI geochem program that extended the properties’ potential for Cesium mineralized material part of the way across the Taron showing towards the assumed continental suture as the MMI data showed a positive Cesium response. 


The Taron target deposit consists of five (5) Contiguous Mineral Tenures, approximating 8,179 hectares (83 Units) in area. The Tenures are registered to Cascadero Minerals S.A. (CMSA), which is 100% owned by Cascadero Minerals Corporation (CMC), a Canadian Company, which is 70% owned by Cascadero Copper Corporation (CCD) and 30 % owned by Regberg Ltd. (RB). CMC operates as a 70% CCD and 30% RB joint venture.

NOTE: the Punco zone is situated on the Incamayo tenement which is 100% owned by CMC. The Incamayo property has excellent potential to host Copper-Gold-Silver-Tin-Tellurium mineralized material as these elements occur in historic drill holes.

R. Simpson, P. Geo, of GeoSim Services Inc is the independent Qualified Person (QP) for the Taron project. Geosim prepared the information in MAP TWO. Geosim has read and approved the technical content of this news release.

About the Company:

Cascadero Copper is an integrated mineral exploration and development business, which through its 70% owned subsidiary, Cascadero Minerals Corp Canada (CMC) and its partner Regberg Ltd. (Singapore) manage and finance CMC as a 70/30 Joint Venture. The Company holds exploration rights to 27 tenements in north western Argentina. Twenty-two of the tenements are organized into four core areas: Taron; Taca Taca; Santa Rosa; El Oculto and five of the tenements are stand-alone-exploration opportunities.

The Company’s commodity focus includes: Cesium, Rubidium, Thallium, Gold, Silver, Lead, Copper, Zinc, Tellurium and Tin. There are several deposit types and most contain precious metals, such as gold and silver. The tenements are mostly 100% owned by CMC and were generated from grass roots prospecting 2004 to 2014. In 2005, the Company had seventy-five tenements covering 203,000 hectares. The current portfolio is a rendering of those tenements. There are no underlying agreements on any of the tenements but some, including Taron, are subject to a 1% NSR and none is subject to Joint Venture or Buy - Sell agreements.

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