Due to weather conditions the start of the drill program the Taron Cesium deposit in Argentina, previously announced to have begun on March 1st, has been delayed. The Company received an update from Raul Chocobar, VP Geology, Cascadero Minerals SA yesterday, March 21, 2017 saying “The roads are finished. The camp is mobilized from San Antonio to Taron. The drill will be mobilized by the end of the week.”

The winter storm period in Argentina has been longer and more intense than normal, which has caused mud problems, river swelling and flooding and poor field communication, all of which has delayed the drilling program. The weather now has apparently stabilized, the program structure is in place and drilling should progress smoothly from now to completion in approximately 2 months. Drill core assay data will be made available as results return.

About Cesium

Cesium (chemical symbol Cs) is a rare metal best known for its extreme chemical reactivity. Cesium hydroxide forms the start point of myriad end uses, including Cesium Formate (CsCHO2), the industries premium drilling and completion fluid. Cesium Formate is an environmentally benign solution with a high-density and low-viscosity used to control formation pressures and temperatures in drilling of deep oil wells (HPHT). As a dense medium, Cesium Formate is used to separate DNA and in metallurgical testing and Cesium is also well known for artificially produced radioactive isotopes used to treat various types of cancer. Cesium compounds and chemicals are used in photo-emissive devices, experimental magneto-hydrodynamic electricity generation, atomic clocks for telecommunications and GPS navigation systems, catalysts in plastic manufacturing, specialty glasses, ion propulsion rocket motors, high-density alkaline batteries, coatings for solar cells, and petroleum refining. Research continues to generate new applications for cesium compounds.

We seek Safe Harbour.

Bill McWilliam


Cascadero Copper

March 22nd 2017

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