(High temperature vein-porphyry: mesothermal au)


Dr. T.A. Richards and Ron Bilquist

January, 2003

Geology and Setting

The Las Burras-Incahuasi mineralized systems are hosted in Tertiary stocks, dykes and volcanics, intrusive into late Proterozoic sedimentary and Cambrian intrusive rocks.

The Las Burras-Incahuasi region contains three separate showings and numerous occurrences with quartz, sericite, tourmaline and pyrite alteration. Mineralization occurs as stockworks, veins, porphyry and greisen settings. Original work focused on three porphyry copper-gold prospects outlined by quartz veinlets and stockworks associated with phyllic and argillic alterations and supergene jarosite, goethite and live hematite leach-cap assemblages with accompanying copper chrysocolla and turquoise. The largest of these (Las Burras) is an 800 by 200 meter alteration and leach-cap zone. Zones of highly anomalous gold are peripheral to each of these porphyry settings and previous work down played their potential as a gold play. These are vein and stockwork systems of quartz, pyrite, sericite, specular hematite and tourmaline that appear to represent a stage of mineralization later than, and peripheral to, the porphyries. These include:

  1. A zone of about 600 x 600 meters along the eastern margin of the most northerly of the porphyries. Of 191 prospecting samples collected, 17 were greater than 1 gm/t gold with a high of 5.8 gm/t. Silver values are also elevated with a high of 115 ppm.
  2. A 50 x 400 meter zones along the east side of the south porphyry. Of 13 samples collected, all were greater than 100 ppb and with 5 greater than 1 gm/t (3 greater than 2.5 gm/t with a high of 3.8 gm).
  3. Other anomalous zones of gold mineralization in the area include:
    1. Six samples collected across a 100 m zone in the western margin of the property - 5 were anomalous with three giving values of 6.1, 12.3 and 3.7 gm/t gold. One kilometer to the north a sample gave 11gm/t associated with specular hematite.
    2. High-grade gold values to 200 gm/t associated with isolated quartz-pyrite-tourmaline veins to the east of the south porphyry. Gold values of 200 and 128 gm/t were obtained from separate veins.
    3. Gold to 3 gm/t associated with veins along the east side of the middle porphyry.
    4. Gold to 8.8 gm/t associated with quartz carbonate veins along the southwest part of the area.
    5. Gold to 48 gm/t associated with quartz, tourmaline, and sericite altered greisen breccias.
    6. An 11 gram gold sample from quartz (pyrite and specular hematite) veins north of (3) a.

The cover photo is of the Las Burras prospect. The small ridge in the foreground hosts anomalous gold values.


The ground was applied for in 2003, passed the period for contestation and has been subsequently granted. At both Incahuasi and Las Burras there is privately owned grazing or farmland. The owners of this land would have to be notified prior to exploration work being carried out.

2003 Analysis

SR 60201399413735447635.29417701020Las Burras
AL 01293014192286884.112210.68606162981010Las Burras
SR 602348143810381.843830.39271327990Las Burras
BR 3121581632>9999117357.221815.386981669850Las Burras
BR 31202428877715203014.852809.575072637410Las Burras
SR 60242014246441.1728.01107< 33180Las Burras
BR 3123962571561283.1722< 317130Las Burras
SR 60253428211355620.19213.42161< 351130Las Burras
SR 6022615815222.4678.5169< 38110Las Burras
BR 3122760149161.41183.4687< 3570Las Burras
AL 0127152908160.7424.8268< 3530Las Burras
SR 6026510820290.8994.229< 3< 330Las Burras
AL 0122492251027< .3691.387< 3< 310Las Burras
AL 012381672114< .3742.129< 3< 310Las Burras
AL 012410954990.3562.297< 3< 310Las Burras
AL 01251033813140.3385.3363< 310Las Burras
AL 012636211440.5421.356< 3< 310Las Burras
AL 012828327109< .31380.492< 3< 310Las Burras
BR 3124895157742.75294.0735< 3710Las Burras
SR 602129311322591.74876.0731< 3810Las Burras
BR 303811893785271.282712.731851611175Incahuasi
BR 312675315912527.2885< 36610090Incahuasi
BR 301761031350.81898.177132046250Incahuasi
AL 00233273152.5957.6988< 3195925Incahuasi
SR 6028738056194.5929.97135< 31085000Incahuasi
AL 01361736367154.41477.83124< 32384360Incahuasi
BR 31274422046< .320512.454< 3363330Incahuasi
AL 014714368200.91081.7113< 333170Incahuasi
SR 6040424170693.412213.9183< 3733010Incahuasi
BR 3020210612100.6544.3940< 392950Incahuasi
BR 303341681040< .31363.176< 332700Incahuasi
AL 0146388549300.3406.26143< 3312660Incahuasi
BR 3035123217022812.4107018.5593< 3202550Incahuasi
BR 312831614812064.8225< 3772540Incahuasi
BR 3041828107125< .317016.9722241462485Incahuasi
AL 0037< 134360119324.76644.86299662270Incahuasi
BR 30366914539< .313812.4771< 3122243Incahuasi
SR 602955726131.5854.7461< 3231840Incahuasi
AL 00244308211.31059.8952< 3311775Incahuasi
AL 015122317461.21644.829< 3< 31550Incahuasi
BR 30378675212< .3548.2113< 31488Incahuasi
AL 01324187714< .32673.5127< 341220Incahuasi
SR 60305380329236.987915.88197< 38061140Incahuasi
BR 314087229570.524621.391605131100Incahuasi
SR 6027139413110.31193.3149< 3281000Incahuasi
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